Tobacco house

Until the First World War, the tobacco industry spent a certain prosperity in the North Limburg Kempen. There were cigar factories in places like Bree, Peer and Eksel, as well as a pipe factory in Bree. Since then, the industry almost completely disappeared in the region and threatened with it a bit rich history to be lost. In the tobacco museum of Jan Schouteden rich cigar tradition gets its rightful place!

What Jan, the curator, began as a hobby, turned a true passion. His collection for smoking articles, tobacco and all related attributes continues to grow. The first match, tobacco jars and boxes, chairs smokers, cigar and pipe holders, ashtrays, tobacco packets, posters, … You ‘ll find it all in this museum!

Trips to England and France were wonderful museum pieces . Some English Smoke chairs, plenty of little cigars cabinets and a beautiful hand-carved cigar box attest to this. Over the years Jan has also agreed a unique collection of up to 100 000 cigar bands and labels!

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